Sarah-Jayne Sarah-Jayne is a classically trained pianist and self taught singer/songwriter, currently living and working in London. Sarah-Jayne has performed for most of her adolescent and adult life and has become known for her autobiographical lyrics, pure alto voice, haunting melodies and emotive piano pieces. Sarah-Jayne has welcomed with open arms the exiting opportunity to work alongside Chris Grabiec.

Nat Clarkson
NJC Nat Clarkson aka NJC is a record producer / mix engineer / remixer based in the UK, he also co-owns Dance Regime along with Chris. Nat started out in Drum and Bass with his debut release in 2003. Over the last few years he has gone on to collaborate on a number of album projects, single releases and remixes for various artists and bands including: Innerheart, Voodoo Browne, Chris Grabiec, Charlie O’Neill, CherryBytes, Charlie Aris, DVD Beat Company, Bongo Chilli, YT, Digital, Mikey Dread, Salmonella Dub, Christina Nicola, Mr Lee, Clifton Medford, Ad McAvoy, The Marvelous, Darien Prophecy, Man From Reno, Cat Knight, Jennifer Bolton, Shelley D, Glen Pryce & MCMC to name a few.

Christina Nicola
Christina Nicola Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer based in London. Currently co-writing with Chris Grabiec and on other Dance Regime projects. Christina is also working with the producer